Find out a little bit about Worker Bee Tours. We are a Bulgarian registered tour operator specializing in packaged tours for individuals, families and groups. Our trips combine community service, cross-cultural experiences, team building and leisure travel in exciting, fun and memorable ways. A trip with us is more than a holiday, it’s an adventure.

At Worker Bee Tours we strive to Do Good!

About Worker Bee Tours Origins

Worker Bee Tours was registered in 2016, but our history stretches back to 2001. Our first project combined a small group cultural experience with a couple of days work in a local orphanage. Our guests loved the combination of leisure and service, and a travel concept was born. Since then, we have hosted over 5000 people in hundreds of groups ranging in size from 3 to 300.

About Worker Bee Tours Strategy

From that very first trip, we realized people enjoy helping others. Over the years our tour groups have continued to assist orphans, schools and other institutions and organizations to improve relationships, life prospects, and the physical environment everywhere we work.

We work through local groups such as the PINK Foundation to provide valuable assistance to professionals with a long term stake in improving life outcomes for the less fortunate.

About Worker Bee Tours Commitment

Our goal is to make helping fun. Our teams learn a bit about the people and place where they serve, visit the most important local sights and historical places, and make new friends among our staff, partners, and beneficiaries.

About Worker Bee Tours Today

In 2016 we registered Worker Bee Tours as a Bulgarian licensed tour operator. In 2018 we welcomed our 5000th volunteer. Our helpers have come from over 40 nations, and have given over 150,000 hours of service to the communities and organizations for whom we work.

If you would like more information about Worker Bee Tours or our upcoming service opportunities, please contact us.

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