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    Depending on your child’s personality and your own temperament, you will find the task of shopping for children’s clothes a pleasure or of a chore. There are many reasons why you may clash with a child when it comes to choosing clothes: perhaps they have a wacky sense of style or perhaps they which to dress in a manner that is much older than is age appropriate. If you experience such problems, follow the advice outlined below and avoid some of these clashes in future.

    Many kids, particularly girls, love to wear fashionable clothes. Indeed some children like fashion more than many adults do. If you loathe fashion and your child loves it then arguments will be commonplace. Fortunately, there is enough choice in fashionable children’s clothes to strike a good balance between the taste of the children and the taste of their parents. It is important the children feel good about themselves, and clothing plays a large role in the development of self-esteem.

    It is vital to dress children in ways that look good to others feels comfortable to the child and that parents find acceptable too. Unfortunately, looks do play an important role in early social development psychologists have shown that well-presented children fare much better with their peers than scruffy children do. This is not something that strikes a particularly happy cord and it is a problem with society in general unfortunately it is a fact, so make sure your child is always well presented.

    Well-presented does not necessarily mean wearing fashionable clothes just that children’s clothes must be neat and clean and that the children themselves are well groomed: hair brushed, teeth brushed, and bathed.

    The first consideration when buying children’s clothes is that they are comfortable. When children or anyone for that matter feel comfortable in their clothing then they are likely to feel confident too. Buy clothes in a soft and natural material to avoid irritation, cotton is ideal for kids. Make sure that the clothing is neither too tight nor too loose, a gap of between 4mm- 8mm should be present between the skin and the material and make sure there is no bunching or overstretching.

    Buy age appropriate clothes. This works both ways: do not dress young children in outfits that are too old for them or you risk accusations of poor parenting; never dress older children in outfits that are too young for them, they risk bullying from their peers. If you are unsure of the styles of clothing suitable for the age group of your child then ask the retailer for help and advice.

    Bring your children shopping with you. Try to find a happy medium. If you find an item of clothing that you love but they scream, cry and beg you not to buy it, they may have a valid point, do not dismiss them out-of-hand or you may cause them problems. With clothing, a tantrum is not always the child trying to control, they may be scared that their friends will ridicule them and if this is the case, the child may become unhappy in general.

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