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    Leather hides find use in the fabrication of a wide variety of products that include bags, shoes, luggage, furniture, wallets, belts, automobile upholstery, clothing, boots, etc. Animal hides are attributed with excellent insulating properties and as such are widely used for making clothing that can protect the body in extremely cold conditions. Some of the other properties that make leather hides so useful are:

    Leather does not get torn easily.
    It can be easily cut and sewn, and can be embossed and engraved.
    It has a very high ignition temperature.
    It does not get abraded even after prolonged use.
    Ideal to withstand rugged conditions of temperature, pressure, moisture, etc.
    How to choose the best leather?

    The finest quality leather is characterized by a sweet smell and is very soft to touch.
    Every animal skin has its distinct texture and colour, and its imperfections such as marks and bruises. To hide these, craftsmen usually emboss and dye the skin but with time the dye disappears showing the actual colour of the animal skin. So, pick your leather hide from trusted merchants.
    If you will observe any animal you would find that most of the animals have taut texture on the backbone skin while on the skin of body parts such as stomach animals have slackly disseminated texture. So, depending on your purpose you should choose leather hide accordingly.
    Animal hide has to go through various treatments such as tanning and finishing before it can be used to contrive slew of objects. But some treatments and finishing last for a long time, but after some treatments soon animal skin starts manifesting itself as it was before the treatments were applied. If you plan to buy a treated animal skin, make sure to buy it from a credible source.
    Animal Hides: You Have Many Options
    Cowhides: Products fabricated from cowhides are very popular in Western Europe and the United States. These are durable hides and are suitable for making clothes. Apart from these qualities these are not expensive like many other animal leather hides. Usually all cowhides have the average thickness of 5mm before these are being cleaved.

    Goat hides: Many shoes and peep-toes that we see ourselves wearing year after are made from goat hides. These are specially used for making dress shoes and winter boots. Many times goat hides are also used for making some other products such as wallets, belts, etc. Goat hides are said to be characterized by similar properties like deer hides.

    Lamb hides: Lamb hides are popular for their light weight and soft texture. The goods prepared from these leathers have a distinct aesthetic charm.

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