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    Sometimes it becomes a bit difficult to find the right wholesale clothing supplier for your specific products. It also happens that wholesalers do not find exact retailers who can afford their products at the price that can give them a good profit. You can check online for a wholesale supplier or a retailer seller. There are many online directories that have an updated list of both suppliers and retailers for different regions.

    There are websites that give the highest quality wholesale clothing directories. Directories for wholesale shoes, hand bags, gift items and jewelry etc. are also listed. You can find more than thousands of names in these directories. In clothing section, names according to categories like women’s apparel, men’s clothing, kid’s apparel or plus size clothing are listed too. Wholesaler supplier band wise also can be searched over there.

    Manufacturers and wholesale clothing suppliers can provide all different sizes for women men and also for children but it may not be a standard measurement for all as it may vary from supplier to supplier.

    A particular size offered by one supplier might be bigger than the same size offered by some other wholesaler.

    These retail businesses have got a good idea of market as which market sells what. They are in direct contact with the customers so they have updated knowledge and information what customers want. Then these retailers pass on this useful information to wholesale clothing manufacturers that what they should produce that will sell. They also give them an idea about the competition in the market. Retailers ask for a quality stock at a good pricing that is liked by customers and they visit that store again. Customers have become very selective and they know what they want, they just don’t pick what is available. They won’t mind going to 4-5 places to get what they are looking for.

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