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What Are You Dreaming About?

Get a quote from Worker Bee tours and let us help make your dreams come true. Do you have a special place in mind to visit? A particular activity you want to pursue? Tell us about it and we’ll help you craft a trip that not only meets your needs, but lifts your spirit in anticipation of the unforgettable journey in store for you.

Food For Thought

We craft three kinds of trips: discovery tours, service projects, and disaster recovery.

Discovery tours are finely crafted itineraries designed for the the kinds of things you want to see and do, woven together with the best ideas we can find to make your trip unique and unforgettable.

Service Projects are opportunities for you to role up your sleeves and help out in places that need volunteers to make their magic happen. Tell us your skills and desires, and we will match you up with an appropriate opportunity to match what you are looking for.

Disaster recovery trips are opportunities for you to come in to a situation after the fact, when people on the ground need help to restart, rebuild and recover from whatever has set them back.

In addition to focused trips in any of these areas, we can combine aspects of two or sometimes even all three for truly one of a kind experiences.

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You don’t ave to know a lot to get started, just enough to give us an idea about what kinds of suggestions to make. Please fill in the form below and send it in, and you’ll be hearing from us shortly with ideas.

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