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Seven Churches Book List: Five Great Reads for Travelers

Generations of readers have wondered about the message and meaning of the biblical letters to the seven churches of revelation. This seven churches book list presents a handful of titles addressing the history, archaeology, interpretation and social settings of the letters and their audiences. We have included a couple of works of historical fiction which are both entertaining and also enlightening for those curious about what life was like in first century Asia minor.

Seven Churches History and Archaeology

seven churches of revelation book cover

The Letters to the Seven Churches of Asia in Their Local Setting

by Colin J. Hemer

This modern classic explores the seven letters in the book of Revelation against the historical background of the churches to which they were addressed. Based on literary, epigraphical, and archaeological sources and informed by Hemer’s firsthand knowledge of the biblical sites, this superb study presents in the clearest way possible a picture of the New Testament world in the later part of the first century and its significance for broader questions of church history. Buy it now

ramsay letters to the seven churches of asia book cover

Letters to the Seven Churches of Asia

by William M. Ramsay

An in depth exploration into the history and archaeology of the Seven Churches of Revelation by the preeminent scholar of his day. Ramsay employs his encyclopedic knowledge of Asia Minor to explore why John wrote Revelation and to whom it was written. Buy it now

New testament cities in western asia minor book cover

New Testament Cities in Western Asia Minor

by Edwin M. Yamauchi

A useful and accessible review of the archaeological information available about the biblical cities of western Asia minor, including the seven churches of revelation. Written by one of the best popular historians of New Testament times. Buy it now

Christian Thought and the Seven Churches of Revelation

seven churches book list book cover

Exploring The Seven Churches of Revelation: An In-Depth Study Of Each Church: Their Strengths, Weaknesses, And why it matters in our lives today.

by Susan C. Howell

A personal, sometimes idiosyncratic exploration into the history and meaning of the letters written to the seven churches of revelation and their significance for contemporary Christian faith. Buy it now


The Sermons to the Seven Churches of Revelation

by Jeffrey A. D. Weima

A recent commentary and study guide by Professor Jeffrey Weima, professor of New Testament at Calvin Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This work provides a useful exegetical and pastoral model for approaching these chapters in Revelation. Buy it now

Seven Churches Fiction

seven churches fiction book cover

A Week in the Life of Ephesus

by David A. deSilva

How should Christians live in the age of Empire? That’s the question addressed by this novel of first century Ephesus. Set in the run up to a pagan festival, the author uses the literary setting to explore the real societal struggles of Christians in the era of the Early Church. Buy it now

new testament fiction book cover

A Week in the Life of a Slave

by John Byron

Historical fiction by an accomplished New Testament scholar, loosely based on the apostle Paul’s letter to Philemon. The author crafts a riveting tale from the barest of essentials preserved in the biblical text, proving once again the power of storytelling to awaken interest in ancient history and culture. Buy it now